onsdag 2. juni 2010

Using Bluetooth and Microlog, updated

I previously described how to use the Bluetooth logging features (both appender and server) in Microlog with Ubuntu. There has been a few updates to Microlog that changes a few small details of this earlier blog post.

The following setup should now be used:
  1. The Ubuntu package “libbluetooth-dev still needs to be installed.
  2. Download bluecove jar files (use 2.1.1 snapshot and download both the standard jar and the gpl jar-file).
  3. Download the microlog distribution. The Bluetooth server is the file called microlog-server-bluetooth-{version}.jar. Put all the jar files in the same folder and create a start script.
  4. Create a startup script for the server. This updated script will use the new main class and does not have any hardcoded version numbers.
bluecove=$(ls bluecove-[0-9].*.jar)
bluecovegpl=$(ls bluecove-gpl-*.jar)
=$(ls microlog-server-bluetooth-*.jar)
"The Microlog Bluetooth server loading: " $bluecove $bluecovegpl $microlog
"java -cp $bluecovegpl:$bluecove:$microlog net.sf.microlog.server.btspp.gui.MicrologBluetoothServerUI"

If you have any problems with this script please let me know!

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